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Bob Moore pulls sponsorship of KFOR Chopper!

10:57 AM EST on January 11, 2018

Well, I guess we know why Jon Welsh has been wearing black around the KFOR offices.

We have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that Bob Moore Chopper 4 is history. Bob Moore "respectfully" pulled their sponsorship within the past month or so.

I talked to a high-level Ogle Mole who knows these things, and Bob Moore received the sponsorship in exchange for guaranteeing to spend $500,000 annually in advertising with KFOR. I guess that commitment took a large chunk of Bob Moore's advertising budget, was getting harder to meet, and prevented the dealership from advertising on other channels. That, coupled with a belief that News 9's Jim Gardner was the most popular chopper pilot in town, made the dealership look elsewhere.

By the way, the same Mole said Bob Mills guarantees $1,000,000 in advertising to get the naming rights to Channel 9's helicopter. Knowing that, maybe it's time we get a drone and use it to film wall clouds and police chases? Fowler Drone Ogle has a nice ring to it.

The original tipster on the story hinted that KFOR was going to be chopperless without a sponsorship, but that doesn't appear to be the case. I asked someone close to the situation and they said, "Yes, KFOR still has a chopper, and yes, Bob Moore is no longer sponsoring!"

It will be interesting to see who KFOR finds as a replacement. We're starting to run out of Bobs to sponsor things in this market, but you think it would be worth a call to Bob Howard, Bob's Appliance Repair or even Bob Stoops to see if they're interested. Knowing our luck, we'll probably see David Stanley 4 crisscrossing its way across the metro chasing storms and people who are behind on car payments very soon.

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