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Christina Fallin is having a baby!

We have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that Christina Fallin – a.k.a. Hipster Boo Boo – the controversial celebutante daughter of Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is expecting a beautiful thing.

Yeah, that's right. Hipster Boo Boo will be joining me in the parenthood club in 2018. This state is going downhill faster than we all thought!

Although we don't know many details about the pregnancy, such as the due date, gender, or whether the birth will take place in a trailer parked at the Governor's mansion, Christina made the formal announcement to family, friends and area hipsters earlier this week. It's already the talk of the capitol.

The dad is some guy named Omar Khalil. We don't know a lot about Omar, the name of his band, or whether or not he's going to be Christina's third husband, but here are some pics of the couple vacationing around the world:

That's sweet! What a happy couple! It must be nice to be able to jet set around the world in luxury drinking strawberry daiquiris and playing pinball! Also, is that the same black top Hipster Boo Boo wore in her engagement pics with her first husband?

I honestly have no clue. Either way, she wears it well.

Anyway, we'd like to go ahead and congratulate Christina and Omar – and Governor Fallin – on the exciting news. We wish them the best of luck. I look forward to seeing them in childbirth classes very soon.

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