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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana is closer to becoming a reality!

Yesterday afternoon, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions lifted an Obama era policy that kept the federal government out of state marijuana legalization efforts, giving fun hating, behind the times, probably racist federal prosecutors the authority to crack down on states that have legalized marijuana.

Naturally, Mary Fallin used this big news story as an excuse to officially announce that SQ 788 – Oklahoma's medical marijuana initiative – will go on the ballot during the June primary election.

Yep, that's right! Load a bowl and sprinkle some power on top – Oklahoma is only six months away from joining this century and legalizing the devil's lettuce! Welcome to the 21st century, finally.

Here's Mary's tweet about it:

First of all, The Oklahoman Editorial Board can officially go suck it.

Second, could Mary have been any more boring in announcing this awesome news? She could use a nice, high quality sativa to get those creative juices flowing. I'd suggest Durban Poison. At the very least, it will help balance out the Ambien or Paxil or whatever pharmaceutical compound she's currently taking. It will be available at the Happy Ogle Medical Marijuana Dispensary in a couple of years or so.

Yeah, that's right. Although we know to never trust the wisdom of Oklahoma voters, I think the passage of SQ 788 is a slam dunk. There will be some push back by the holy roller / fun hating crowd, but polls show that most Oklahomans favor medical legalization, and during the last election, we were actually pretty sane and logical when it came to the state questions. Plus, even those backwards, trashy, anti-government Derplahomans like them some Mary Jane.

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