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20 Dumbest Oklahoma People, Places and Things of 2017 (Part II)

12:52 PM EST on December 20, 2017

We continue our countdown of the 20 dumbest Oklahoma people, places and things today with numbers 15 - 11. It includes criminals, idiots, perverts and even idiot perverts who like to give incorrect information on television.

Did your favorite dumb thing make the list? Check it out below:

15. Commando Cartwheeling Teacher

Earlier this year, substitute teacher Lacey Sponsler did something very dumb and exposed her private parts to students while performing a rudimentary cartwheel. Here's the terrifying slow motion video in case you missed it:

Lacey received a two-year suspended sentence, nearly $1,000 in fines and was ordered to stay away from the teaching profession for two years as a result of the acrobatic stunt. She's also only allowed to perform commando cartwheels while under the supervision of the next guy in the list...


14. Travis Brauer

Know what's dumb? Committing a misdemeanor while attempting to take up skirt photos in a packed meeting at the capitol. Know what's dumber? Committing a felony while trying to destroy evidence of the misdemeanor.

Travis Brauer, Mary Fallin's creepy former personal assistant, learned this when he "lost his phone at the lake" after OHP requested to look at it as part of an investigation into the alleged up skirt photos incident. Not soon after, Brauer was arrested for felony charges of offering false or fraudulent evidence.


13. Brenton Hager

Brenton's legendary police chase through fields across the rural outskirts of the Oklahoma City metro was dumb, but it was dumb in a heroic, fantasy sort of way. For a while, he was like Oklahoma's Robin Hood, if, of course, Robin Hood had a meth problem and kept all the stuff he stole.

Brenton's second arrest, though, was stupid dumb. Less than two weeks after he bailed out of jail, he was once again arrested for stealing a truck. This time, as opposed to being taken down in an amazing plank taze in a field, he was shacked up in a cheap hotel room in Oklahoma County. We were all disappointed by these dumb actions.


12. Scott Inman

Eight weeks ago, Scott Inman was a rising gubernatorial candidate and leader of the small pack of Democratic lawmakers known around the Capitol as the Resistance. A few weeks later, he became just another lawmaker to resign amid rumors of scandal and alleged misconduct.

The rumors are just that, rumors, and ranged all over the map. They went from the basic "He cheated on his wife with a staffer" to the absurd "He was caught in a southside motel room smoking weed with Ralph Shortey" to the believable "He led an unsuccessful panty raid on Tess Teague's dorm room."


11. TV News Personality Social Media Gaffes

In all fairness, Damon Lane's social media gaffe was being duped by a practical jokester into retweeting a picture of a man's little penis, but it would have never happened if Damon followed his own advice about sharing hail photos.

Dean's excuse is a little weak. Although I don't personally have a problem with people sharing pics of bourbon street flashers, or as Dean calls them, daughters, a conservative local news outlet does. As a result, and thanks to his other notable social media gaffes, Dean was suspended by News 9 for two weeks. I didn't like the move. They should have done everyone a favor and just banned him from Twitter.


We'll be back tomorrow with 10 - 6!

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