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20 Dumbest Oklahoma People, Places and Things of 2017 (Part I)

Even by Oklahoma standards, 2017 was a pretty dumb year. It seems like you couldn't watch the local news or read the newspapers in Oklahoma– just kidding, we know you don't read newspapers – without some dumb person, place or thing doing some dumb thing that either embarrasses or angers the rest of us.

As a result, we thought it would be fun to blatantly rip-off the world's dumbest magazine and rank the 20 dumbest Oklahoma people, people, places, and things for 2017.

Here we go...

20. The Tulsa Flag

When I was finishing up the list, I noticed Tulsa was absent. As a result, I placed their stupid exploded monkey ass flag in the 20 spot. Know who it knocked off the list? Scott Pruitt. Yeah, that's right. This state is so screwy that Scott Pruitt didn't make a list of the 20 Dumbest Oklahoma People, Places and Things! He finished 21! That may seem impossible, but at least we were able to replace one stupid exploded monkey ass with another.


19. Markwayne Mullin breaks pledge on self-imposed term limits

You know what's dumb? Pledging to voters that you'll only serve three two-year terms in Congress and then going back on you word. Know what's even dumber? Voting for anyone named Markwayne.


18. Quail Creek Fuck and Float Invitation Designer

In all fairness, I heard this event wasn't nearly as fun as The Greens Country Club's annual Suck and Slide Potluck.


17. Richard and Ryan Tate

While we're in the listicle mood, we should also probably compile a list of 20 greatest moments of Oklahoma karma. The Tate's indictments on four felony counts of embezzlement, one felony count of attempted extortion by threat, two felony counts of extortion by threat, one felony count of racketeering and one misdemeanor count of embezzlement would rank near the top.


16. McGuinness High School Yearbook Hitler Quote

To make this even dumber, the quote wasn't even by Hitler. Instead of simply correcting that error, the school sent this letter and replacement stickers.

I guess if someone does something dumb, it makes sense to do something equally as dumb to correct it.


Check back tomorrow for 15 -11...

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