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Creepy OKC landlord pays $800,000 to settle sexual harassment claims…

11:00 AM EST on December 12, 2017

As you know, 2017 has been a pretty awful year for perverted men who use their money, status and power as weapons (and excuses) to make deviant, aggressive and usually unwanted sexual advances towards women.

One person who learned this the expensive way is Oklahoma City landlord Ray Pelfrey. He's the white walker who looks like Donald Sutherland morphing into Christopher Lloyd. Ray owns 100 rental properties in lower income parts of the Oklahoma City metro. He recently agreed to an $800,000 settlement for "allegedly" sexually harassing many of his black female tenants.

Here are the details via

A landlord has agreed to pay $800,000 to settle federal lawsuits accusing him of sexually harassing black female tenants for years.

Ray Pelfrey, who is white, has more than 100 properties in the Oklahoma City area. He was accused in two lawsuits of routinely asking his tenants for sex as a way to pay off rent and evicting those who refused his advances.

"He asked me when I was going to give him some of this brown sugar," one former tenant recalled in a deposition. "He said he didn't want my money, he wanted me."

Wow. Trebor Worthen or somebody in the Oklahoma GOP should reach out to Pelfrey to see if he wants to run for public office. He'll make one hell of an Oklahoma lawmaker!

Seriously, though, he asked a girl to give him "some of this brown sugar" to pay rent? That's ridiculous. Not only is it crude, inappropriate and equate to sexual bribery, but it also sounds like the line from a movie you'd find on Jason Reese's ethics report.

Despite forking over $800,000 in a settlement, Pelfrey is denying the claims. Naturally, he's taking the high road and blaming his wife:

Pelfrey, 78, of Choctaw, denies the accusations but said he settled the civil cases because "my wife put the pressure on me to."

"No, I did not," he told The Oklahoman on Friday when asked if he had harassed any of the women.

In a perfect world, that wife turns into an ex wife soon. Then again, as this story shows us, this world is far from perfect.

Anyway, you can read the rest of the story here. In addition to the $800,000 settlement to settle sexual harassment claims he didn't commit, Pelfrey has been charged with "unlawful disposal of a dead body." He's denying any wrongdoing, but will probably plead guilty if his wife puts pressure on him.

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