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Kirk Humphreys is still a homophobe…

12:28 PM EST on December 11, 2017

If you enjoy really bad locally produced political television, you would be hard pressed to find anything better than KFOR's Flashpoint with Kevin Ogle. It's the best talk show in the world for those who like watching political has-beens stutter and incoherently ramble on TV.

We were reminded of this over the weekend when former Oklahoma City mayor and current OU regent Kirk Humphreys – the out-of-touch, inarticulate, conservative theocratic voice on the show – claimed homosexuality was wrong, and then for some reason, tossed out meandering arguments that attempted to connect it to pedophilia and Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, the Clintons and others.

Knowing what we know about the hypocrisy of Oklahoma politicians, I guess that means Kirk has an extensive collection of hardcore gay pornography that he keeps on hand for "research purposes."

Here's the video of the discussion featuring a cameo by Emily Virgin:

This isn't the first time Humphreys – a trust fund baby who got a leg up in life thanks to his father's financial accomplishments – has said something stupid on Flashpoint. A few years ago, he claimed that urban school districts sucked because of the gene pool. I guess to have good genes you have to born to parents with money.

This also isn't the first time Humphreys has shared his draconian views on homosexuality. In 2002, during the middle of his largely forgettable five-year run as mayor of Oklahoma City, Kirk Humphreys led a losing fight to ban gay pride banners from utility poles because they were too "controversial" for his taste (a.k.a. didn't conform with his out-of-touch, sanctimonious moral code.)

Here's what he told The Oklahoman at the time:

"They (homosexuals) have a right to behave that way if they want to — although some aspects of it are illegal, quite frankly," he said.

"But I don’t think they have the right to use public facilities to advance their philosophy, for the same reasons that Neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan and religious groups don’t."

Can you believe it? 15 years after he put gay rights activists in the same category as Neo-Nazis and the KKK, Kirk Humphreys has apparently failed to change with modern times and is still a flaming hardcore homophobe. Obviously, he's never watched Will and Grace like Joe Biden. It's nice to see some people refuse to change with the times and hang on to their inherent biases and prejudices.

Naturally, the draconian thoughts shared by an old man on a TV show that's watched by a couple of dozen old people each Sunday morning rightfully pissed off the social justice vigilantes. Many of them hopped on social media to demand KFOR part ways with man because he shared a backwards opinion that most people don't agree with.

Should Kirk Humphreys be fired as an OU regent because he shared his opinion on homosexuality? Sure! I'm not 100% sure what a regent does, but if they have a prejudice and bias towards LGBT students, they shouldn't be on a board that represents the school.

Should Kirk Humphreys be fired as a Flash Point commentator because he shared his opinion on homosexuality? No. It's an opinion show and he shared an opinion. Kirk should be fired because he sucks on television! He's not articulate, he rarely provides any valuable insight or opinion, and he debates like a three-year-old who thinks the sky is green. Those are things you should excel at if you're going to be given a platform to discuss issues each Sunday morning on a talk show.

And if KFOR is going to get rid of Kirk, can they also do everyone a favor and get rid of Mike Turpin – the "liberal" blowhard who supports Scott Pruitt. His political party is "Buddy Up With Whoever Has Money And Power." I think he and Kirk have a secret contest to see who can stutter the most in each episode.

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