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Joe Exotic is getting married on Monday…

Who's ready for a TLO online tabloid exclusive?!

We have learned that Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate, tiger zoo operator and aspiring country music musician Joe Exotic – here's our original Joe Exotic profile from 2013 – will be getting married this upcoming Monday to his new boyfriend Dillon. We're not sure which tiger, liger or liliger will be the best man.

The wedding comes just a couple of months after Joe's late husband Travis Maldonado accidentally died in a tragic gun accident at the tiger zoo. You can read about that here.

Here are some pics of Joe and his fiancé.

According to Joe, Dillon is a 22-year-old from Austin, Texas who "Just texted me out of the blue. It took me a day and half to talk him into dinner and he never left." He enjoys smoking weed, playing video games and interacting with the animals at the zoo. Basically, he's your typical 22-year-old.

Joe told us that Dillon "holds no jealousy" about the love he continues to have for his late husband Travis, and will support him during his gubernatorial campaign. "I could not ask for a more amazing person to land in my life," Joe said.

The wedding will take place on Monday afternoon on a mountain at Turner Falls. The private ceremony will include only a preacher, Travis' mother and one other witness. There will also probably be a spy from PETA hiding in the bushes.

There will be a public wedding on March 3rd, 2018. The color-theme will be Sky Blue and Buckskin to represent Oklahoma and non-discrimination. The theme will be "A Love Story." The ceremony may even be part of an upcoming Netflix movie. We'll have more info as that approaches, because you know, we're an online tabloid and that's what we do.

We'd like to send our best wishes to Joe and Dillon as they embark on a happy life together. I have a feeling they'll be smoking plenty of weed, playing lots of video games, and doing many other happy things that are probably not to fit to publish on this family website.

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