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10 Other Groups Of Oklahomans Who Should Be Shamed On Their Driver’s License…

12:45 PM EST on December 7, 2017

Bad news for perverts! Recently, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decided that an Oklahoma law requiring a sex offender label to be put on the driver’s licenses of those convicted of the crime is not “cruel and unusual” punishment!

The Oklahoman lauded the verdict by those pesky activists judges in a recent editorial. Via News OK…

A state law requiring that aggravated sex offenders' driver's licenses include a “sex offender” notation may not necessarily prevent future assaults. But judges on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals found the Oklahoma law isn't “cruel and unusual,” so this is at least an instance where court rulings and common sense align.

The law passed in 2007. In 2010, Ray Neal Carney was convicted of sexually abusing a child. Upon his scheduled release in 2018, Carney will have to register as a sex offender and have the label included on his driver's license...

In dismissing that argument, the judges dryly noted Carney “has not shown that he is being treated differently than other aggravated sex offenders.” They also noted the Legislature had a “rational basis” for imposing the license-label requirement that stressed public safety considerations.

Carney's lawsuit argued the license requirement was enacted out of animus toward aggravated sex offenders. The justices disagreed, writing, “The license requirement is not ‘wide-ranging' or novel and does not serve ‘just to eliminate a privilege a group would otherwise receive.' … More specifically, this law limits only a very narrow right: the right to a state identification that does not indicate a person is a sex offender.”

I, for one, do not think the punishment fits the crime. Not only should child molesters have the “sex offender” label on their driver’s license. The label should also be tattooed across their foreheads. You know what? The label should also be in “comic sans” font, because f*ck those guys. Shaming people for crimes they've committed in the past and served time for is the American way!

But why stop there? There are many different types of people who should be shamed and humiliated when cashing a check or buying beer at a Thunder game. Here are a few other potential labels that would make sure all Oklahomans feel bad about themselves.

Oklahoma Lawmakers

By having this designation on your license, you are not only associated with sex crimes like good ole Ray Neal Carney in the News OK article above. But also being drunk behind the wheel, islamaphobia, and having a bobsledding hobby.


Domestic Abusers

Then again, domestic violence and other violent acts against women have been so rampant among OU football players lately it is beginning to look like a requirement to join the team. So maybe this label would be more helpful than shameful.


Kevin Durant Fans

These people are a menacing threat to society.



Cooking with Kyle Fan

KFOR’s Chef Kyle Anderson is a loose cannon contributor hell-bent on converting all Oklahomans to becoming users of fresh ginger instead of that powdered crap. See him here dangerously adding ingredients to his chicken tender recipe without first consulting Linda Cavanaugh. Anyone who dares to try out his recipes is as dangerous of a rogue as he. So for the general population’s protection, they should be labeled.


Oil Overlords

This would be convenient. It would expedite the process of them getting preferential treatment.


Oklahoman Print Subscribers

This driver’s license label would tell the world you spend $12 a month on energy company fairy tales and Mathis Brother’s coupons when that money could be spent on a 6-pack of decent beer. You should feel ashamed of yourself.


State Fair Carnies

Granted, most of them aren't allowed to have drivers licenses due to too many DUIs, but it's better to be safe than sorry.



These greedy government leaches should be identified and dealt with properly.


The Lost Ogle Contributor

The Lost Ogle contributors are heathens who have a knack for informing as many people as they piss off. And aside from our Dorito breath and sun-deprived skin from those years living in our parents’ basements, we TLO contributors look like everyone else. Therefore, it would probably be a good idea for us to be properly labeled so you know not to bring us home to meet your mom.



They can't be trusted.

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