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Is this snowman decoration a bit too happy for Christmas?

4:44 PM EST on December 4, 2017

Over the weekend, an Ogle Mole sent an email about a Christmas decoration they spotted in Yukon. Check it out:

My family and I were driving thru the Yukon City Park Christmas display when we saw this display showing a snow man having a “holly jolly Christmas”.  I asked my 14 year old daughter to take the photo so we could share it with the Lost Ogle.

In case you don’t have the mind of a 13 year old boy (my son), the snowman has a fat, stumpy erection.  Maybe he should run for the legislature.

Here's the pic:

As the only person in the civilized world to run a Severe Weather Dong contest, I'm pretty good at spotting unintentionally phallic imagery in everyday objects. Although this is not in the same league as a palm tree Christmas light dong, what makes this decoration unique is that there are at least four objects that could qualify as "fat stump erections." – the red rocket looking arms, whatever that thing is that's glowing in the snowman's belly, and the little sign peeking out of the bottom of the pic. They all look a little dongy.

Anyway, I'm currently in the process of moving Ogle Manor to a new location, which means my life is in complete chaos, I don't know up from down, and I have very little time to ponder and write about such topics. As a result, I'd figured it would be best to let TLO readers answer the question I posed in the headline – Is this snowman decoration a bit too happy for Christmas?

Vote below:

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