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Braum’s employee injured in practical joke gone awry…

3:09 PM EST on November 14, 2017

I guess customer service isn't the only thing Braum's employees struggle with. They apparently suck at practical jokes, too.

On Monday night, a Braum's employee and near Darwin Awards finalist suffered a fractured leg and head trauma when he hid underneath his co-worker's truck in what was intended to be a practical joke.

Via News on 6:

Police said an attempted practical joke landed a teen in the hospital after a co-worker ran him over in a parking lot.

Police said the driver was leaving work at the Braum’s near 101st and Riverside. They said he was headed for his truck, unaware that someone was underneath it.

Officers said the driver's co-worker left a little early and slid underneath the truck trying to play a prank on him.

I wonder what other "pranks" this jokester mastermind plays on people. Does he run up to unsuspecting police officers wearing a ski mask and waving a bb gun in the air? Does he also hide in jet engines to play a prank on his pilot friends?

When the driver got to his truck, police said he felt something lodged under the vehicle, that’s when he got out and realized he ran over his co-worker.

The victim is in the hospital with head trauma and a fractured leg, but police said he should recover.

And you thought the joke Braum's played on people by making it seem like their new milkshakes taste better took things too far.

Seriously, what exactly is the practical joke here?

"Surprise!!! You shattered my leg and nearly killed me! Hahahaha! I bet that really scared you. Joke's on you, sucker!"

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