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Mark Zuckerberg was in Oklahoma yesterday…

6:24 AM EST on November 9, 2017

Need more proof that our lawmakers and elected officials are dumb? The world's fifth richest man was in Oklahoma yesterday and not one lawmaker hit him up for money!

Mark Zuckerberg, a.k.a. the inventor of the website that will ultimately be remembered as the catalyst to the downfall of civilized society, visited Duncan yesterday as part of some 50 states PR gimmick that I guess is supposed to make us think he cares about anything other than making money.

Via Facebook:

Wow. We were literally the last stop on his tour of the 50 states? That's about as depressing as a year-end Facebook video. I know we're not the most desirable state in America, but we're at least better than Mississippi (for now). I'm unfollowing that asshole.

Naturally, Oil Overlord minions weren't happy that Zuckerberg was promoting a clean renewable energy resource in the heart of oil and gas country. For example:

Since Mark is new around here, I should specify that the oil industry's interpretation of respect is for everyone to get on their knees and blow them.

Mark had his PR and communications team craft a respectful response:

If Mark really wanted to describe what he's hearing from the community, why did he go to a wind farm in Duncan? We're talking about a lot of things in Oklahoma right now, and wind farms isn't one of them. Just like most people who share everything on Facebook, I guess Mark doesn't listen.

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