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Poolboy’s Pickup Crashes into Blake Shelton’s Lake Texoma House…

Last week, Blake Shelton made the talk show rounds to promote his new album "Generic American Mainstream Country Music Album #10." It features country music radio friendly tracks like "I'll Name The Dogs," "Beer Shits and Giggles" and "She Thinks My Mullet's Sexy."

While on Live with Kelly and Not Regis, Blake revealed he just learned that someone crashed a truck into one of his houses:

The reason Blake seemed so calm and nonchalant is because he is very wealthy, owns multiple homes, and for him, the whole thing is just a slight inconvenience. Plus, the accident wasn't caused by a stalker or Gavin Rossdale. It was the work of a distracted pool boy.

Here's a photo of the accident:

Yeah, it doesn't look that bad. I wonder if the driver was distracted by Gwen Stefani running down a dirt road wearing tight blue jeans?

Here's the full report via KTEN:

According to Marshall County Water employee Eric Bridgeman, who was working next door, the accident happened around 9:30 Friday morning.

A man who worked for Allison Landscape and Pool Company came to Shelton's house and was trying to get through the gate. That's when Bridgeman said he heard a loud crash.

The pool company's truck had rolled into the gate and crashed through the front wall of the house with no one behind the wheel.

"He made every effort... I mean, the door was open on the truck and he was running as fast as he could," Bridgeman said. "Honestly, if there was anything I could have done to help him, I would have, and I know my buddy would have."

Shelton noted that he wrote a lot of his new album -- "Texoma Shore" -- at the now-damaged lake house.

Do yourself a favor and go watch the report to hear the Texas drawl and vocal mannerisms of KTEN news anchor Bob Brackeen. He dropped a "crash-id." Blake should hire him to narrate "Generic American Mainstream Country Music Album #11."

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