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Oklahoma lawmaker threatens OKC Thunder over National Anthem protests…

2:09 PM EDT on October 9, 2017

Before we get started, I'd like to give it up to ourselves for not writing about the never-ending NFL national anthem protest debate that's being gripping the country, courtesy of the for-profit corporate media and the institutions and people who manipulate it.

Well, at least up to this point.

My hot take on the debate is that I wish everyone would forget about it. I'd rather watch my parents argue about Olive Garden or Red Lobster for dinner than hear two people talk over each other with tired, repeated arguments about whether or not it's acceptable for citizens in a free country to use a piece of symbolic, hallowed, commercialized fabric to protest the injustices of our society. Just like with abortion, gun control, or some other never-ending wedge issue that kills time in a 24-hours news cycle, the core of this debate is primarily philosophical and rooted in indoctrination. The right or wrong answer depends on how your brain is programmed. Arguing about it accomplishes nothing.

Regardless, people can't resist the urge to share their two cents on the topic. This includes State Senator Paul Scott. He penned an editorial about the issue in his local newspaper – The Duncan Banner. The editorial contains the typical mix of authoritarian, logic-defying arguments that you would expect to be made by a conservative evangelical lawmaker from rural Oklahoma.

The last paragraph, though, takes a not so thinly veiled shot at the Oklahoma City Thunder. Apparently, Scott and other lawmakers are working on legislation eliminate the franchise's tax subsidies if players kneel during the national anthem.

Check it out:

Due to a lack of a budget agreement, the legislature has rightfully decided to adjourn until an agreement has been made.  By adjourning, we’ll be able to continue holding committee meetings and discussing the budget without incurring daily expenses. I’ll keep you posted as negotiations continue.

While our state issues are foremost on my mind, I also care about what’s happening nationally.  This week, I want to share my thoughts on the NFL kneeling situation.  I realize some won’t agree with me.  I don’t wish to spread further hate but simply to provide a peaceful alternative for these individuals to share their beliefs without unnecessarily hurting others or breaking rules set by organizations like the NBA...

Last week, members of the Thunder basketball team said that they’re deciding whether or not to kneel during the national anthem.  Some of my colleagues and I are awaiting their decision because we have talked and plan to author legislation to stop any current or future state subsidies, payments or incentives to the team should they disrespect the flag and our country in this manner.  Again, these athletes have many ways to share their views and help bring about change in the world off the court.  We don’t wish to financially incentivize any further spreading of hatred and disrespect.

Yeah, the guy who voted "yes" for a bill that would make it okay for businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community doesn't want to financially incentivize any further spreading of hatred and disrespect. That's good to know.

In addition to being a hypocrite, it looks like Senator Scott is spreading fake news for political gain.

Unless I missed it, I haven't found one comment by a Thunder player saying "they're deciding whether or not to kneel during the national anthem." Now, I did find several statements players gave about the national anthem debate, but they were given in response to questions posed by the for-profit media. It's not like Russell Westbrook said after practice that he's considering taking a knee or anything. Unless Scott can show us a quote where a player made that specific statement, both he and the Duncan Banner should issue a retraction.

Haha. Yeah right.

Anyway, now that we know Oklahoma lawmakers want to make the political savvy move and take on the Oklahoma City Thunder, I have a favor to ask from Kyle Singler...

Will you please please please please take a knee during the anthem? Consider it your way of earning that awful contract. Not only will it stir more pointless debate about the issue and bring us some coveted page views, but maybe the Oklahoma legislature will follow through on the threat and eliminate any subsidies for the team. I'm a season ticket holder and probably benefit from the subsidies, but I'd rather pay teachers what they're worth than give Clay Bennett and the Nichols Hills mafia a tax break.

Also, now that lawmakers are going after the tax subsidies of businesses that employ people who "disrespect the flag and our country," can we get a couple dozen liberal activists who work in the oil industry to disrespect the flag? You know, wear your Devon and Continental polos and stage a rally at the capitol or something. If that happens, perhaps our conservative lawmakers will finally eliminate subsidies for oil companies and tax them at reasonable levels!

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