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7 People You Don’t Want To See On Your Home Security Camera

11:14 AM EDT on September 29, 2017

One of the best things to happen to the local TV news media over the past couple years has been the explosion of affordable residential home security camera systems on the market. As a result, news broadcasts are packed each night with cheap, easy stories showing sharp and clear video footage of attempted break-ins, package thefts, accidents and good old-fashioned teenage vandalism.

Since I'm a sucker for trends, and would like to see my footage make the nightly news some day, I recently had a state-of-the-art system installed at Ogle Manor by our friends at Security Options. It's pretty cool. They hooked me up with a fancy four-camera system and Skybell doorbell camera that's all connected via wifi and accessible via my smartphone. It gives the me the power and ability to monitor and creep on window salesmen at my front door from anywhere!

Because the guys at Security Options are cool, they’re offering a special Ogle Mole Discount for TLO readers that includes a free touchscreen keypad, HD video doorbell camera, and 24/7 local monitoring all for about a buck a day! Already have security system? That's fine. They want to steal you away from your current company like a package left on a doorstep and fix you up with all the bells and whistles! Your old system can be upgraded so you can arm and disarm your system with your smart phone app and screen the who may show up on your doorstep. Click here for more details.

Now that I got the contractually obligated stuff out-of-the-way, I thought it would be fun to take a look at seven different people you don't want to see lurking on your Security Options home security system.

1. Dan Kirby or Ralph Shortey

On a positive note, these creeps would probably have booze, marijuana and a bunch of weird photographs on their phone. That being said, I still wouldn't open the door for them.


2. Tri-Tut

This three-headed beast was created when a spray tan weather experiment at the FAA went awry! Only able to see the world through doppler radar eyes, it can be spotted roaming through Edmond neighborhoods scavenging rain gauges for Muscle Milk and whey protein powder.


3. The Richardson Homes Commercial Guy

You may think he just wants to wlet ourwa fwamwee bwuild youw fwamwees hawome, but he also may want to use it to store stolen farm equipment.


4. Miranda Lambert

Usually seen keying cars outside of Ole Red in Tishomingo, this country music star is on a constant search for the hunky cowboy who wronged her.


5. Barbie Doll

Since Barbie Doll is a self-made millionaire, you don't have to worry about her stealing from you. Instead, you have to worry about her rapping for you!


6. BJ Wexler

Actually, having BJ Wexler ring your doorbell late at night asking to watch old Paul Newman movies would be pretty cool. Hopefully he'd bring along a big bucket of popcorn and bag of reader mail to look through.


7. Eight-Foot Tall Giant June Bug

I'd still rather see that on my camera than a 2-inch wasp.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this branded-content. Please support the businesses that keep us in business and get a new home security system from Security Options today!

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