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Joe Exotic is breeding liligers…

1:25 PM EDT on September 11, 2017

Joe Exotic has added a new qualification to his gubernatorial candidacy.

According to KOKH Channel 25, he is apparently breeding liligers – a cross between a male lion and a female liger.

Here are the details:

For the first time ever in the world, four male LiLigers were born in one litter.

The LiLigers were born Sunday, September 10, at the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. Each LiLiger has its own color pattern.

A LiLiger is a hybrid from a male Lion and a female Liger. A Liger is the hybrid of a male lion and a female tiger.

That's kind of weird, but it's exactly why I think Joe Exotic should be elected the next Governor of Oklahoma. Say what you want, but he gets shit done. While Joe's out playing God and testing the limits of nature, Todd Lamb is selling 20 piece sets and trying to throw a football over them mountains.

I guess the follow-up question is "Why exactly is Joe Exotic breeding liligers?" Is a liliger breeding program part of his plan to solve the state budget crisis? Is he trying to turn Wynnewood into his own Island of Doctor Moreau.

Here's the answer:

 Joe Exotic has been working with geneticists with the NIH and Texas A&M for nearly 15 years providing DNA to research the science of hybrids and what they offer.

He says pure bred tigers and lions will not be able to withstand our climate change, therefore, making them extinct in the years to come.

Hybrid animals, just like mutt dogs, will be able to withstand the climate change as they are genetically stronger and more able to adapt to the change, Exotic says.

Uh oh. Joe believes in global warming and climate change and other scientific facts. I think he just kissed his gubernatorial aspirations goodbye. He may have to breed a unicorn to overcome that.

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