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Midwest City rapper “Phantom Classic” releases brutal Barbie Doll diss video

2:46 PM EDT on August 15, 2017

A month or two ago, we told you about local rapper Barbie Doll. She's the self-proclaimed "self-made millionaire" Westmoore grad who jet-sets across the country shooting fancy music videos where she flashes cash, touches hair, and test drives certified pre-owned cars that she found at Car Max.

Last week, Barbie Doll released a new video where she takes over Dallas. Because she repeats the phrase about two-thousand times, I think it's called "I'm a doll." It's already been viewed a few million times on Facebook. Check it out:

You know what, let's give Barbie Doll some credit. Her music videos may induce gigantic eye rolls, and she's easy to laugh at, but at least she's pursuing her dreams. Not many people can say that. Plus, whether you think she has talent or not, she's at least caught the eye of someone with a decent camera and lots of frequent flyer miles.

Barbie Doll's new-found internet fame has evidently caught the attention of the OKCs metro rap community. Some of them are not happy.

Last week, I was forwarded a video by a Midwest City rapper named "Phantom Classic." She's part of Mid Dub Records roster, which is based out of my old stomping grounds in Midwest City. Although I don't know if Phantom Classic is a MWC alum, I'm going to roll with it because I desperately want to help ignite OKC's first ever suburban rap war.

Check out her diss track after the jump:

Yeah. That was brutal, and probably not in the way Phantom Classic intended. I'd rather watch the Phantom Menace a second time than replay that thing again. They should have hired me to direct it. I would have ditched the kid playing with raw meat in a field behind a trailer park and sent Phantom Classic to the Carl Albert High School parking lot to dance in front of the school sign and play with real Barbie dolls.

Anyway, I think we've reached the elusive blog milestone where fledgling local rappers are now exploiting our publishing power for their own self-promotion. That's fine. Whether you’re an obscure local social blogger from Oklahoma City, or a white chick rapper from one of OKCs suburbs, any publicity is good publicity, especially if it creates a suburban rap war.

Also, it looks like Phantom Classic isn't the only rapper who's dropped some hate on Barbie Doll. As I was finishing up this article, I stumbled across this Barbie Doll diss video from North Oklahoma City rapper "Venom Stay Dripping."

Wow. That was hard-core. If Micro Machines is looking for a new spokesperson, I think they found her.

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