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The Quail Creek F*ck and Float is Coming…

9:35 AM EDT on July 5, 2017

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the extended 4th of July holiday. I was stuck at KFOR cleaning the Social Media Bandit cages for most of the weekend. Did you know they're also scared of fireworks? It's why social media companies notice an uptick in retweets and Facebook likes during Independence Day.

We'll catch up on all the local news stories we may have missed while day-drinking for five consecutive days later, but until then, let's cut to the hot news item everyone in the Metro is talking about – The Quail Creek F*ck and Float! It's has been scheduled for Friday, July 14th.

Well, at least we think that's what they're calling it. Check out this promotional graphic Quail Creek put together. It was sent to us by several Ogle Moles:

Well, that looks cool. Who doesn't enjoy a good a "Fuck and Float" on a hot summer night? I usually go to the one at the Lazy River at White Water, but something tells me this one will better and more legal. And although "The Secret Life of Pets" does seems like an odd movie for such an event, you have to remember nobody goes to a poolside fuck for the movie.

Of course, this could also be a Flick and Float, but what's the fun in that? If so, that makes this one of the great graphic design failures of our time. Do you think it was intentional or accidental? Quail Creek residents are generally either churchy, old or swingers, and sometimes even churchy old swingers, so it could go either way. If you have more information about the event, hit us up on the TLO hurtline.

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