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KSWO parts ways with longtime anchor. Lawtonians are pissed.

Earlier this week, Lawton's KSWO – the news leader of Oklahoma's armpit – unceremoniously parted ways with longtime evening news anchor David Bradley. He worked for the station for over 31 years. He started in sports, moved to news, and then was let go probably because he got old and cost too much money. Basically, he was like the Ed Murray of Lawton.

Here's his Facebook post about it:

I've been to Lawton maybe 10 times in my life (which is about nine too many), so I don't know the town's media scene very well. Either way, it doesn't take a blog genius like me to see that he was very popular in the community. Since news broke, Lawtonians have flocked to social media to air grievances and complaints through a #JusticeForDavid hashtag. Hell, even the town vet is behind him:

That's pretty cool. It's good to see local business rallying to support local legends and heroes. David Bradley now has a safe place to go if he ever gets worms.

Infamous Facebook comedian Amiri King is also rallying to David's cause:

Here are some random Facebook complaints:

Anyway, I guess this concludes our quarterly coverage of the great city of Lawton. I hope Knuckles and Jesse Daulton are working together on a proper tribute song for Mr. Bradley. They should name it Teleprompter Blues.

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