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Tess Teague is on a roll…

10:55 AM EDT on May 25, 2017

Late last night, an Ogle Mole sent us another undated Instagram of Tess Teague celebrating some legislative accomplishments. It's not near as ridiculous or annoying as the snap that made the media rounds yesterday, but it paints a good picture of the modern-day sorority girl voters in the far eastern realm of the Metro elected to represent them:

You know what, I don’t have a problem with that. Lawmakers are people, too. They deserve the opportunity to celebrate their professional accomplishments just like the rest of us – by getting shit faced drunk and posting something regrettable on social media.

Tess's other snap was picked up by The Oklahoman, OU Daily, KOCO and, our favorite, KFOR. Joleen Chaney, who I believe has some sort of unexplained blemish on her face, caught up with Tess to find out the story behind it. Get your eyes ready for a roll...

A controversial social media post by a state lawmaker venting frustration as work continues toward a budget agreement is raising eyebrows.

The 27-year-old representative says she took to a private Snapchat account, but the snaps didn’t sit well with some of her constituents...

Teague says the snaps were supposed to be private.

"The context wasn't public,” she said. “It was a Snapchat that I sent to my friends. It was on my Snapchat story, but the only people I have on my Snapchat are all of my closest friends and two colleagues, and so recording it, I do think is a little bit of a breach of privacy."...

Breach of privacy? It's not like someone hacked into her phone and posted all her duck face selfies. She posted this on Snapchat! Privacy rights are thrown right out of the window. Maybe it's time for Tess to make some new "close friends" who won't go behind her back and leak stuff to the media.

Here's where shit gets really stupid:

"It wasn't something that I put out to the public, but the content I do stand behind. My frustration is over the paid protestors at the capitol. Members of my caucus talked to members of the protest, and we're told that they're being paid $100 per day,” she said. "I absolutely do believe that we have citizens who are up here, rallying and protesting, and we get that often. We had oil and gas come in the other day."...

Wow. The "paid protestors" were being paid $100 a day? When's the next paid protestor job fair? Sign me up!

Obviously, Tess has proof to back up such a bold accusation that people were being paid to protest.

She also says lawmakers are working to gather proof protestors were paid.

OMG. She's like a She-Trump! She lives in her own reality where things like truth, facts and evidence don't matter. She just says whatever she wants and hopes something sticks. No wonder she was elected. I bet the voters in her district love her. Now if she can find friends that feel the same way, maybe they won't leak her "private snaps" to the media.


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