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Oil and Gas Association is throwing a party for Oklahoma lawmakers…

The State House GOP finally got around to releasing a budget yesterday, and as expected, it didn't receive any Democratic support and failed. As a result, expect a special session of the legislature to try to resolve the budget.

The problem Democrats had with the House budget was that just like the plans offered by the Senate and Mary Fallin, the proposal didn't raise the crazy-low gross production tax on oil and gas, something that everyone who's not in the pockets of the energy industry thinks needs to happen.

To reward those loyal servants who will not raise their industries taxes to regional levels, the oil industry is throwing a "celebration" at the Harn Homestead on Lincoln. Here's an email reminder about the event that Phil Cross posted on Twitter. If you're a lawmaker or lobbyist, you still have time to make it:

I'm not going to lie. The HaliBurger sounds delicious. Maybe we can get Louis there in time for a review?

Anyway, I know the oil and gas industry is excited and everything, but for the sake of appearances, couldn't they hold off on the party until the end of the special session? Even if it's good for you, celebrating failure just looks bad. Just ask the OSU football players wearing their Alamo Bowl rings.

Actually, that's a bad idea. I heard through a tip that a bunch of teachers will be catering the event and need the extra cash to pay bills. We need to let that oil money trickle down to them.


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