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Ryan Tate and Richard Tate indicted on eight felony charges!!!

It looks like Fox News may need to hire a new business expert!

According to a press release issued this morning by the Oklahoma Attorney General's office, Ryan Tate and his dad Richard – the greedy, sinister villains behind the once-proud and very shady Tate Publishing empire – have both been arrested and indicted on eight felony charges!

Here are all the details:

Attorney General Hunter Files Charges on Ryan and Richard Tate

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter today filed eight felony charges and one misdemeanor charge against Ryan and Richard Tate for alleged fraudulent business practices the two conducted while operating their businesses, Tate Publishing and Tate Music Group.

The charges include four felony counts of embezzlement, one felony count of attempted extortion by threat, two felony counts of extortion by threat, one felony count of racketeering and one misdemeanor count of embezzlement.

Yeah, that sound you just heard was Tate Employees, book authors and the entire province of Cebu in the Philippines all popping open bottles of champagne at the same time. I'm sure this is an amazing day for all of them.

Here's more:

Since the businesses ceased operations in January, the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit has received 849 complaints from authors or musicians who contracted with the companies. Complaints from customers range from failure to deliver products and services that had been previously paid for; failure to pay royalty earnings, per contractual agreement; and refusal to return files unless the customer agreed to pay a $50 processing fee.

Attorney General Mike Hunter applauded the work of the Consumer Protection Unit and the agents who investigated the case that brought charges.

“The means by which Ryan and Richard Tate conducted business to defraud individuals from across the country is unconscionable and a blatant disregard for those who entrusted them to produce their work,” Attorney General Hunter said. “I appreciate the dedication and hard work by the agents and the attorneys in the Consumer Protection Unit, who put this case together.”

You know what, let's give some props to Mike Hunter. It's about time Oklahoma had an Attorney General who wants to actually protect consumers from fraudulent, disgraceful businessmen like the Tates. If Scott Pruitt was still in charge, he probably would have hit up them up for a campaign donation and asked them to publish a book about the myths of climate change.

Through the course of the investigation, agents discovered that money derived from the sale of publishing books or music were deposited into business checking accounts, then transferred to Ryan or Richard Tate’s personal checking accounts.

This morning, Canadian County Sheriff’s deputies apprehended Richard and Ryan Tate. A Canadian County judge set their bond at $100,000 each and ordered them to surrender their passports.

If convicted of these allegations, each defendant faces prison time and fines. The attorney general’s office plans to seek restitution for victims.

Couple of notes:

1. Isn't schadenfreude great?

2. This indictment shouldn't come as a surprise to TLO readers. We've been writing about Tate's shady, unethical business practices for years.

Anyway, we'll have more on this story as it develops. In the meantime, say a prayer for the Tates...

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