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Here’s an Oklahoman we can all rally behind…

A week or so ago, adorable five-year-old Edith Fuller won the Oklahoma Green Country Regional Spelling Bee. The win makes Edith the youngest person to ever qualify for the big Scripps National Spelling Bee that ESPN airs over Memorial Day, and a rare Oklahoman that we can all rally behind.

Here's her winning moment:

Since her victory, Edith's story has taken over the OMG LOVE corners of the Internet. Here's a report from People:

Edith Fuller is a spelling wiz.

With a white bow in her hair, the 5-year-old correctly spelled “jnana” — her 37th word at the Oklahoma Green Country Regional Spelling Bee on Saturday — to become the youngest person ever to qualify for the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Edith is “very bright” according to her mother, Annie Fuller.

“We were amazed to find that she really has a knack for spelling and can remember words that she’s seen or heard very easily,” she told KJRH.

The 5-year-old beat 50 other contestants from across Oklahoma at Saturday night’s regional competition in Tulsa — spelling words like “croesus” and “sarsaparilla” and “baedeker,” Scripps confirms to PEOPLE.

We think Edith is great and wish her the best of luck in the national competition. We need someone in this state to make Oklahomans proud again. It might as well be her. Bring home the trophy for all of us!!! No pressure.

That being said, what does it say about our state's education system when a homeschooled five-year-old wins the state spelling bee? Don't get me wrong. We love Edith, but that's a bit concerning. It's about as good as a freshman being the best player on your high school basketball team. I guess we must finally be seeing the effects of Janet Barresi's "Great Speller Purge of 2013." Never forget.

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