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Lacey Swope is leaving Channel 9…

Light an arrow on fire and shoot it into the sky. We're losing a Severe Weather Babe.

We have learned that Lacey Swope is leaving the comfy confines of News 9 for its sister-station News on 6 in Tulsa. Swope, our Ogle Madness VII champ, is apparently making the move to be closer to friends, family, and black bears to hunt.

We know all this thanks to Facebook Live video that Lacey shared yesterday afternoon. If you want to watch someone spend about 12 emotional minutes failing to get to the point (and making a move to Tulsa seem like it's a one-way mission to Mars) check it out:

Question - whenever we lose a meteorologist to another market, shouldn't Oklahoma City do a cool tribute like when someone dies in the Hunger Games? It doesn't even have to be that extravagant. At least fire up the tornado sirens and all the area stormchasers escort them out-of-town with windshield wipers moving in unison. That would be awesome.

Since she announced the news, Lacey has received an outpouring of support and thank yous from local media heads. She even had a nice, pleasant exchange with her rival, Emily Sutton, on Twitter.

Check out what our Severe Weather Princess had to say...

Yeah, that's nice and everything, but it seems pretty obvious to me that Emily is still a bit salty about Lacey's upset win in the Ogle Madness VII Championship Game. Who can forget that epic battle? Emily was making a historic run for a rare and elusive threepeat and was a heavy favorite going into the match, but Lacey dominated voting and won the match by a 674 to 468 margin. Emily's never really been the same.

Lacey replied to Emily's tweet, and in the process, nearly shut down Twitter...

Uhm, what immature jerk loser would try to create an imaginary feud between these two women? It's not like one was a blatant doppleganger of the other, or they each had their own fishing photo contests. Where are we at in society today? It makes me wanna puke!

Anyway, we wish Lacey Swope the best of luck in her new adventures. I guess she's not leaving until this summer, so don't rush over to News 9 and leave a wreath around the station's new and improved NexGen Live 5000 HD Super Doppler Radar just yet. Give it some time.

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