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What’s going on with Sam Presti’s hair?

Back in December, Oklahoma Magazine named Sam Presti as one of their four "Oklahomans of the Year." It makes sense. What Oklahoman did a better job in 2016 than the man who couldn't keep Kevin Durant?

Here's the photo they used to accompany the article:


Uh, that's weird. I guess Sam Presti is still using the hair gel that Kevin Durant left lying around the Thunder locker room before bolting for Golden State.

Seriously, how can you look at the photo and not think of this...

cameron diaz something about mary

Sam's hair isn't the only weird thing going on in the photo. For example, why is he modeling a watch? Also, check out the all the crazy stuff written on the wall behind him:

sam presti wall

Yeah, it's official. Whenever you hear Sam being interviewed on the radio, he's basically just reading quotes off that wall like he's Kaiser Soze.

Anyway, weird hair styling and quote walls aside, congrats to Sam Presti for edging out Mary Fallin, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma Legislature by taking home this prestigious honor. If there's one Oklahoman who deserves recognition and acknowledgement for his or her achievements, it's the guy who runs the Oklahoma City Thunder. You never hear about them.

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