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Mike Turpen thinks Scott Pruitt will do a great job with the EPA…

11:29 AM EST on December 16, 2016

As I like to mention every now and then, the Democratic party in Oklahoma is an absolute joke. To see this, look no farther than the party's two most recognizable leaders – David Boren and Mike Turpin.

These two wealthy members of the Oklahoma ruling class are about as establishment as you get. They use their power and influence to serve the energy industry first, personal interests second, and if they ever get down that far, the people third.

If you need proof, just look at how David Boren tried to use his influence to distance the energy industry's involvement in the man-made earthquake crisis, or how he endorsed raising the taxes of working Oklahomans to pay for teacher pay raises. If that doesn't do the trick, you can also read this editorial by Mike Turpen that endorses Trump's appointment of Scott Pruitt to the EPA.


With all the fireworks of the 2016 campaign now silenced, President-elect Donald Trump is getting to work assembling a government. As a lifelong Democrat, I may not agree with all of the president-elect's policies or nominees, but I do know that Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is a good choice to head up the Environmental Protection Agency.

As a Democrat, I take seriously the threats to our environment, and I believe we must work to address issues such as pollution, climate change and ensuring clean air and water. Pruitt's background in constitutional law, combined with a nuanced understanding of how environmental regulations affect the economy, mean he will be a thoughtful leader of the EPA, and one capable of striking the balance between protecting the environment and our economy.

Wow. Mike Turpin really thinks Pruitt is a good choice to head the EPA? Did he write that while on his knees? There's no possible way any self-described "Democrat" can think that putting an anti-science, global warming denying, energy industry dick-sucking opportunist in charge of the EPA is a good thing. Well, unless you're also an anti-science, global warming denying, energy industry dick sucking opportunist. Then it would make sense.

Pruitt understands that an American energy revolution is a means of new jobs and new wealth in our country. Of course the energy industry, just like any other industry, should be subject to appropriate scrutiny to make sure laws are followed, our environment is protected and Americans are safe. The potential for the energy industry to contribute to an economic renaissance is enormous: half a million jobs each year and $30 billion in higher wages, according to one study.

Finally, the job of the EPA is the essential mission of guaranteeing clean air and clean water. Pruitt has never compromised those critical components of a healthy population with any actions he has taken. “We drink the water, we breathe the air here in Oklahoma. To think that we don't care about that, and somehow are being led to sacrifice those things … (is) not accurate,” Pruitt told the Financial Times.

I'm convinced Scott Pruitt will work to protect our natural habitats, reserves and resources. His vision for a proper relationship between protection and prosperity makes him superbly qualified to serve as our next EPA administrator.

Holy Shit. That was Energy Industry Propaganda 101! I wonder how many billable hours or Pre-Paid Legal Memberships Harold Hamm had to buy to get Turpen to write that thing? Hopefully it was a lot. If you're going to sell your soul to help destroy the planet, you should probably make it worth your while.

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