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Great. Now we’ve pissed off a Midwest City “Dad Rock” band.

1:59 PM EST on December 7, 2016


On Monday, Lucas shared some of the best metro "Dad Rock" bands you should know about. One band that was lucky enough to make the cut was Midwest City's own Lee denim-wearing Blind Date. Here's what Lucas had to say about them...

Next time you’re at the Landing Zone in Midwest City to buy meth enjoy a pitcher of frosty Coors Light, stick around for the eclectic range of Blind Date. Whether you’re into Eve 6, Poison, or 3 Doors Down, you’ll fall in love with the potential suitors of Blind Date.

By typical TLO standards, that was a tame blurb. In fact, outside of a Midwest City dive bar meth joke – a staple here at The Lost Ogle since our 2009 Christmas Party at the Celebrity Club – the write-up was very nice. It, along with the amazing fun-loving photo above, made me want to put my tender heart in blender and watch Blind Date play into a beautiful oblivion. Rendezvous and I'm through with you, other Dad Rock Bands!

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciated our kind words. After the post went live, we were contacted by Blind Date's keytarist. He demanded a retraction.

Check it out:


Wow. Blind Date is an anti-drug Midwest cover band? I didn't know bands like that existed. It would be like finding out the DJ at Night Trips is anti-pornography.

In all honesty..... I wasn't going to take Mark's complaint all that seriously..... until a learned he was the art director.... and senior designer..... for a multi national publication.... that sent a chill down my spine.... like a Creed cover song.

After re-reading Lucas's post and noticing that:

A) His crossed-out meth reference was an obvious joke, and

B) We didn't suggest or imply that Blind Date – an anti-drug band that ironically makes money by playing music written by musicians under the influence of drugs  – does or uses illegal drugs, I sent the following reply.


Mark, who actually seems like a cool dude to kick back and smoke a bowl of....


I want to be very clear here. Mark and Blind Date are very anti-drug. In fact, they hate drugs so much that they wear D.A.R.E. t-shirts to shows unironically. If you want to book them for your friend's "Welcome Home from Rehab" party, you can contact them here.

Anyway, Mark didn't agree with my reply. He then fired off a series of messages that would make any Vyvanse user proud...


I hate to break this to Mark, but as the publisher of what News 9 considers an "online tabloid," I think it's safe to say we're not very respected in our field.

His messages continued:


At this point, I started to feel a little bit guilty.

As you remember, Aaron Tuttle tried suing us for defamation-related reasons last year. He ended up getting his case tossed and had to create a Go Fund Me to help pay our attorney's fees. The guys in Blind Date seem like good dudes. The last thing I want them to do is waste a bunch of time and money that would be better spent on buying new equipment and practicing Tom Petty songs.

Although we did nothing wrong, I decided to take the high road and relent...


Well, here we go...

On behalf of the entire staff of The Lost Ogle, I'd like to apologize to the members of Blind Date – from the Air Force retiree all the way down to the Art Director for a national magazine – for going for the low-hanging fruit and making a joke about the unauthorized drug deals that may or may not go down inside Midwest City dive bars.

Blind Date is the Fugazi of the local cover band scene. They're a raging pack of Nancy Reagans. They hate illegal drugs, despise illegal drugs, and would never condone illegal drug use. Well, unless you're a musician writing a song they can cover in a few years. Then it's probably okay.


Drug jokes are bad.

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