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Top 5 dad-rock bands in Oklahoma

10:02 AM EST on December 5, 2016

The excitement of starting a band is a defining moment for many teenagers and young dudes. The freedom that comes with cranking up that Crate amp and jamming out with your friends is unparalleled, and when you're really hitting that groove together, it's liberating and powerful. Some people keep playing music as they get older because it's a creative release, even fewer get successful at it.

Most people seem to just drop out of it altogether because they start families, get lucrative jobs doing things that their teenaged selves would be embarrassed about, become tired of struggling for low-paying gigs and little attention, or just realize that they stink at playing music. This phenomenon is referred to as "selling the van" by my friend and former bandmate Robby Harris (who co-hosts the excellent Boys podcast that Patrick and I have both appeared on).

But there are those who trudge through their silver years, rocking out like they were still 16. Sure, they may not be able to fit into those tight pants anymore, and those long and flowing locks of hair have been replaced with the horseshoe of male pattern baldness, but that doesn't stop them from getting out and gigging. In fact, that sweet job marketing questionable pharmaceuticals to children allows them to buy epic rigs that they could have never afforded as youngsters.

Today, we're going to shine a light on all those dads out there who are still plugging away with their dreams of rock'n'roll stardom. Here are the top dad-rock bands in OKC (that have at least limited social media presences):


Straight Shooter

Hailing from Yukon, the Rock Capitol of Eastern Canadian County and home of the Buffalo Wild Wings with the best Bud Light, Straight Shooter serves up cool cover songs and hot licks. If they can get Mary Fallin dressed in her finest fringe and turquoise and doing an "air-tambourine" in the crowd, you know they got the goods.



Ruben and the Band

No sleeves, no shoes- no problem! There are no rules in rock, especially when you're jamming to the solid tones of Ruben and the Band (no relation to The Band). It's all crew socks and cargo shorts when these dads are headlining Bike Night at the Hooters off I-240. Kick back with some wings and Mustang Wheat and let your inhibitions go.



Blind Date

Next time you're at the Landing Zone in Midwest City to RETRACTED enjoy a pitcher of frosty Coors Light, stick around for the eclectic range of Blind Date. Whether you're into Eve 6, Poison, or 3 Doors Down, you'll fall in love with the potential suitors of Blind Date.




There's not much to do in Ponca City besides eat Mexican food at the airport, so why not see if you can catch Oldskool thundering out some Skynard covers while you're there? With buzz this loud, you'd think these dads were mowing the lawn.




Some rules are meant to be broken. I bet you thought that classic rock and reggae could never be combined. Or that there was an age-limit to looking cool posing in front of a brick wall. Wrong and wrong! Tulsa's own Creeler is pumping out jams that'll make your Kangol hat jump off your head.


Is your dad in a sweet band? Are you a dad in a band? Feel free to plug away in the comments!

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