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The new Chesapeake Energy logo is expensive…

On Friday morning, we leaked to world a new ultra-corporate logo for Chesapeake Energy. Here's a reminder of what it looks like, in case you need help falling to sleep.


Realizing the cat was out of the disposal well, Chesapeake "revealed" the logo to their friends with The Oklahoman. Here's the "State's Most Trusted" report:

Chesapeake Energy Corp. next month will begin using a new logo designed to reflect changes in the company and the oil and natural gas industry, the company said Friday.

Chesapeake will begin using the new logo Jan. 3, but unveiled it at a meeting with employees this week.

“Over the past three years Chesapeake has transformed all aspects of our business, and we plan on transitioning to a revised logo in January which is not tied to a specific commodity and reflects our focus on being an unconventional leader in our industry,” spokesman Gordon Pennoyer said in a statement.

The new logo does away with Chesapeake's iconic blue natural gas flame and adds a green line that extends from the "h" and is designed to reflect a horizontal oil and natural gas well.

Not too long after our story went online, I received an email from an Ogle Mole claiming to know how much the company spent on the logo. Check it out:

Fun fact about the new Chesapeake logo, the company set aside $900,000 for rebranding, but don't worry only $114,999 was used to create the actual logo...

$114,999 for that thing? Yikes! That breaks down to about $7,000 a letter! They could have hired two beekeepers to install 50,000 new Christmas lights around the campus for that much money!

Anyway, I have no way to verify if that number is correct, but it wouldn't surprise me. $114,999 for a logo that's basically a mix of stock sans-serif fonts and a trendy, overused, soon-to-be-dated green and blue color scheme may seem expensive, but not in the world of corporate advertising. For some reason, big corporations like to pay big ad agencies big dollars to create big, boring identities that a competent freelancer could throw together for a couple of grand.

As a result, I'm proud to announce the formation of our new in-house ad agency – Quackerman-McOgle. For a limited time, we'll design your company or business a new logo, color scheme and handy graphic standards guide for the bargain price of only $25,000. That's right. $25,000. We'll even include some big agency perks, like a free lunch at Cheever's and logo presentations on black mounting board. Hell, call today and I'll also throw in a Pantone color swatch for you to play with! It's a great value. Contact Quackerman-McOgle today!

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