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There’s a whole lot of “Rallying” going on at the State Capitol…


Yesterday afternoon, a group of Oklahoma liberals, progressives and other people who probably make their own hand-crafted artisanal bath soap held a "Rally Against Hate" at the Oklahoma State Capitol. It was the typical Oklahoma liberal protest. You had people calling for hope, togetherness, safe zones, and of course, Lauren Zuniga reading a poem.

Here are the details from the group's Facebook page.


You know what, good for them. I'm all for celebrating commonalities and striving towards a more inclusive Oklahoma... but just don't leave any comments about the rally that are antagonistic or counterproductive or disagree with my views!!! They'll be deleted immediately!!!

Naturally, a group of liberals throwing a "Rally Against Hate" got the attention of the word-challenged people who supported the presidential candidate who openly ran on a platform of fear and hate. As a result, they decided to have their own rally at the same time and same place. Because they lack self-awareness and love good old-fashioned irony, they called it the "Rally For Unity."

Here's how they described the Rally For Unity on Facebook. It's difficult to read with a straight face. Well, at least if you have a high school education:


Before we continue, I want to remind everyone my thoughts about Trump and racism:

Not all Trump supporters are racist, but all racists are Trump supporters.

Anyway, how did these "Rally For Unity" folks show us that not all Trump supporters are racists and white supremacists? By showing up on motorcycles with Confederate Flags waving in an attempt to drown out protests!

Via News 9:

Rally Against Hate At Capitol Met With Counter-Protest

Hundreds converged Sunday afternoon on the state Capitol for a "Rally Against Hate."...

Donald Trump supporters were close by, however, with signs and flags of their own. State troopers kept a close eye from the ground and had a birds-eye view from posts in nearby buildings as some motorcyclists used their engines to drown out the rally, but many of the counter protesters say they were just there to make sure no one burned American flags.

“We’re all a part of something bigger than ourselves and that’s humanity, so we do need to find a common ground where we can all agree and respect one another,” said Andrew Duncomb, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Individual conversations broke out between both sides throughout the rally, and the demonstrators said Oklahoma is setting a great example for protests elsewhere.

In case you need more proof that our country is doomed, I'd like to point out the Oklahoma is becoming a model state for protesting. We really are screwed.

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