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Tate Publishing is being investigated by the Department of Labor…

1:12 PM EDT on September 22, 2016


Over the weekend, we received a dispatch from the Ogle Mole Network claiming that our friends at Tate Publishing – the vanity press that makes, or better yet, "made" money by convincing low-quality, generally inept writers to fork over thousands of dollars to publish Christian self-help books that nobody will ever buy – had terminated more employees from its Mustang-based offices.

The layoffs happened for a couple of reasons:

1) The company is managed by Fox News "Business Expert" Ryan Tate, a proud product of nepotism who is running his family's business into the ground.

2) They're now being investigated by the Department of Labor.

Here are the details via Abby Broyles at KFOR:

There’s more trouble for Tate Publishing.

Back in June, NewsChannel 4 reported that Tate Publishing was being sued for not paying more than $1 million in bills.

Now, the Department of Labor has an active investigation into whether Tate Publishing failed to pay its employees overtime over several years.

And now some former employees are alleging Ryan Tate tampered with the federal investigation...

We agreed to conceal a former employee’s identity because he’s involved in the Department of Labor’s ongoing investigation.

He says Ryan Tate threatened employees in a meeting before the Department of Labor came to interview everyone.

“We were coached on what to say as far as what information we should and should not give,” the former Tate employee said.

Wow. Shocking! You're telling me that Ryan Tate threatened employees?! Who does this guy think he is? Ryan Tate??? Let me guess. He also prayed with everyone and called them stupid morons.

Abby Broyles stopped by Tate Publishing's Mustang offices to get Ryan's side of the story. Because he has nothing to hide and is a savvy Fox Business "Financial Expert" who knows how to handle the media, he wouldn't unlock the front door. As a result, Abby decided to show us pics of his car instead:


Yeah, of course he's the guy who drives around in an old car with dice hanging from the rearview mirror. I bet he also wears a flat cap, shines his own shoes and calls everyone "Cat." You know, after he prays and yells at them.

Anyway, I guess we'll follow this story and provide any updates. If you're a former Tate Publishing employee with more juice and info to spill, send us an email.

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