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Even bees hate going to Walmart…

11:04 AM EDT on August 8, 2016


If I could be one insect for a day, I'd probably go with a bee. Sure, you may have to worry about insecticides and frightened girls trying to drown you in a swimming pool, but A) I already deal with those issues as a human, and B) let's be honest, there could be worse ways to spend day than buzzing around aimlessly from yard to yard sipping on honeysuckle nectar and harvesting pollen for Emily Sutton

That being said, being a honeybee has some drawbacks. First of all, you'll die if you use your stinger. That basically makes all bees glorified kamikaze pilots. I'm not sure I could fly around all day with that pressure. Second, you can be bought, sold and traded at a Walmart. That's what happened in Oklahoma City over the weekend, and naturally, the bees didn't like it.


Several people are recovering in the hospital after thousands of bees swarmed an area Walmart.

"What we think we understand is that there was a transaction occurring between two individual bee keepers,” Colin Roy, EMSA field operations supervisor, said.

That transaction took place in the parking lot of the Walmart Neighborhood Market off Sooner Road.

"In that transaction in the movement of the bees from one vehicle to another they were disturbed. That's what caused the bees to escape,” Roy said.

It wasn’t just a few bees.

"The bee keeper that we spoke to on the scene said that each hive can have up to 22,000 bees and at the time there were three hives she counted and she said they were about half full at that time,” Roy said. “So, anywhere from 30,000 plus bees.”

Roy says several people were stung. Three people were transported to the hospital, two in serious condition.

Thanks to the KFOR report, we've learned that the bees behind the attack are a rare, aggressive, angry breed native to Oklahoma. Check out this screenshot from the truck carrying the bees:


Yep, they were Derplahoman bees. Knowing that, you would you think they'd enjoy a little trip to Walmart.

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