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Erielle Reshef has left KOCO Channel 5…

Erielle Reshef goodbye

Here's some sad news for our 18 readers who watch the local news each morning.

Erielle Reshef, the fifth hottest women in the Oklahoma City media according to our 2013 rankings, has left KOCO Channel 5. The morning anchor's final broadcast took place earlier today.

Overall, it was a sad, bittersweet, emotional send off. Highlights of today's show included an interview with Oklahoma County DA David Prater, meteorologist Brad Sowder performing his original song "Brown Haired Feather," and a teary-eyed and heartbroken Abigail Ogle teleporting into the studio from vacation and presenting Erielle with Candy Crush (a castle-forged steel sword) and a case of Head Country barbecue sauce that the Ogle family plundered during it's recent sack of Ponca City.

I'm not sure why Erielle left, where she's going, and considering I don't watch morning news, where she's been. According to this vague and fluffy farewell message she left on Facebook, I'm not sure she does either:

Erielle Reshef farewell

Although it kind of read like something you'd read in the back of high school yearbook, that's sweet. Wherever Erielle's journeys take her, we wish her the best and hope she always remembers she has a friend in The Lost Ogle. I hope she has a nice summer. This is NOT a goodbye, it's I'll see you later. LYLAS.

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