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Is Kyle Singler working at a gas station in Oklahoma?

kyle singler fan

If you had to pick one Thunder player to get a summer job at a rural Oklahoma gas station, you would probably select Kyle Singler. You know the reasons why. Hard worker. People person. Bad basketball player.

Knowing that, imagine our lack of surprise to learn that Kyle is posing as a small town gas station worker named Jonathan and, in the process, doing nice, loyal things for the community.

From KFOR:

ARNETT, Okla. – An Oklahoma couple says they were on the receiving end of a good deed and want a young man to be recognized.

They say they were on their way to Shattuck for a fundraiser when they stopped at the Fast Lane Phillips 66 in Arnett.

After arriving in Shattuck, they realized the money for the fundraiser couldn’t be found.

They called the convenience store and spoke with Jonathan, the young man behind the counter.

He told the couple that he found the money and would keep it safe until they came back for it.

The couple says they made their way back to the store and thanked Jonathan.

Way to go, Jonathan!

That's so sweet of Kyle Singler! Even though he's paid more than $4 million a year to score an average of about 3 points a game, he's a good ol' Midwestern boy with high character. The girls on Tinder will be impressed. My only question is why he goes by the name Jonathan? Is this a disguise? Does he not want other Thunder players to notice him? Considering how they ignore him on the court, that shouldn't be an issue.

Then again, maybe that's not actually Kyle Singler. It could be a teenager with the same swooping blonde coif. If I were Presti, I'd be sending a scout to Arnett to see if this kid knows how to dribble. If he can drive to the rim and hit some jump shots, then Presti would know the truth and possibly have a new small forward or Storm Chaser to join the team. Even if he struggles at certain aspects of the game, "Jonathan" clearly has the team spirit and focus on community that the organization likes.

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