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BJ Wexler is getting a celebrity sandwich!!!

2:56 PM EDT on July 13, 2016

bj wexler

Like most Oklahoma kids who grew up in poor households without cable in the 1990s, one of my childhood heroes is OETA Movie Club host BJ Wexler. With all apologies to Dino Lalli, he's the coolest Oklahoma movie expert to ever sport a perm or afro.

Seriously, BJ Wexler was a huge influence in my upbringing. Every Friday and Saturday night, I'd stay up late with my parents and watch BJ host the OETA Movie Club, and as he munched on popcorn, read viewer mail, and asked trivia questions about Greta Garbo, patiently wait for his movie to put my parents to sleep so I could sneak out of house. As Al Eschbach says when recalling benders with Barry Switzer –"Memories. Good Ones."

Anyway, I guess I'm not the only one who associates BJ Wexler with teenage escapades, because the man is now a certified local celebrity who gets his own sandwich at Slaughter's Hall. I learned this via Facebook:

bj wexler sandwich

That's awesome, huh? When I saw this event pop up on my Facebook feed, my first thought is "Wow. This Facebook algorithm knows me a little too well." My second thought was "I wonder if the sandwich will come with popcorn?"

Well, I guess great minds think alike. Check out BJ's sandwich:

wexler sandwich

That looks delicious. My only questions is why are they calling it The Wexler? Restaurants rarely, if ever, can get away with naming a menu item the BJ Sandwich, and this is one of those times. They're missing an opportunity to not only have fun, but raise money for the OETA Foundation.

Anyway, I guess this event takes place tonight at 6:00pm. Before you leave a comment, yes, we plan on sending Louis Fowler by to review the sandwich sometime soon. Also, if BJ Wexler is a big enough star to get a sandwich, don't you think we should have one, too? Maybe one that pairs well with an Oklahoma Vienna-style lager? Ideas. Good ones.

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