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Oklahoma City is the “most normal” city in the country…


I guess it's time to make some "Keep OKC Normal" bumper stickers.

According to this clickbait from the Washington Post, Oklahoma City is apparently the "most normal" place in America. Think about that the next time a guy driving an F-450 Super Duty with truck nuts cuts you off on the highway.

Every place in America is weird for some reason. But some places are a lot weirder than others.

Lyman Stone, a cotton economist who also blogs about migration, has spent a lot of time thinking about this lately. Stone created an impressive data project in May that calculated the most normal and weirdest cities in America, based on 20 different variables drawn from U.S. Census data – including the proportion of the population that is foreign born, married, working, in the armed forces, that own a car, and so on.

According to Stone’s calculations, the weird city in America is San Jose, Calif. – the home of Silicon Valley. The most normal? Oklahoma City, Okla.

That's awesome. Doesn't it feel cool to be so normal? I say we all meet at the Chili's to celebrate!

Here's the complete list of "Most Normal" cities. Tulsa also popped up on the list:

most normal cities

Haha, Tulsa! We are so much more normal than you. I bet you weirdos feel pretty dumb about having all those art museums and cool music venues, don't ya?

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