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Joe Exotic is hiring a Social Media Bandit…

You won't believe what Joe Exotic is doing now! Actually, I bet you will believe it because:

A) It's Joe Exotic and anything he does is believable. I mean, just watch the music video above. He could open a tiger camp on Mars and it wouldn't surprise me.

B) I told you what he was doing in the headline. I'm a pretty awful Social Media Bandit, huh? I sometimes forget that headlines are supposed to be vague and misleading in an effort to get clicks, and not provide a general description of the article you're about to read.

Anyway, my sister-in-law who was laid off by Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt HQ a few months ago while she just happened to be 8 1/2 months pregnant (classy company, huh?) sent me this link to a Craig's List Help Wanted Ad from the Tiger King. He's looking for someone to handle social media and blogging for his fledgling presidential campaign:

joe exotic

That's funny. I think my favorite part about the listing is the "No Drugs" policy. I don't use (some) drugs, but that would be a dealbreaker. First of all, it would suck to be the only sober employee at the GW Animal Park. That's never fun. Second, can you imagine how scary it would be to work for Joe Exotic while sober?

"Okay, we're going to lock you in the cage with the tiger now. Be sure to get some good photos for Instagram! The hashtag is #lunchtime."

If Joe's smart, and I think he kind of is, he should really consider hiring one of the Social Media Bandit's from KFOR. They already work in cages here, so it really wouldn't be that big of an adjustment for them. The only catch is that Kevin Ogle would have to approve. He sometimes forces the bandits to compete in annunciation sparring drills.

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