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So, I’m going to be a Night Trips DJ tonight…


One of my big New Year's Resolutions for 2016 is to make tons of money through internet advertising. Just like my resolutions from years past, such as starting an obscure local social blog, brewing a co-branded beer and dating several Thunder Girls, I'm sure this one will be simple and very easy to accomplish.

One way I plan to make this resolution a reality is to wade deeper into the waters of Native Advertising and Sponsored Content. Those are the two big buzzwords that people like me, that British chap from The Oklahoman and other online marketers now use to convince businesses to advertise with us (a.k.a. give us money).

As part of this new strategy, we're launching a branded content series called Dream Job. It's where a local group, business or professional basketball team "hires" a TLO Contributor to work a quintessential "Dream Job" and then lets us write about the experience.

For the first part of this series, I've convinced our good friends at Night Trips – the best strip club in OKC – to hire me as a guest DJ. That's a dream job, right? I mean, what group of guys hasn't been out to strip club for a bachelor's party, birthday or on a random Monday night and talked about how awesome it would be to work as a strip club DJ for at least a night. From what I can tell, the basic job requirements are to look at topless girls, play hip hop or radio rock, operate a computer or soundboard, and while using your best KATT radio voice, say things like "Hey guys, put those hands together for Precious. We have Diamond! – center stage. Cinnamon on standby" into a microphone.

Actually, I bet the job is way more complicated than that. Not to go too heavy on the double entendre, but there's probably a whole lot more that goes behind the scenes. For example, who picks out the songs? What are the logistics? How often do you talk about drink specials? Do you get tired of looking at boobs?

I guess I'll find out all those answers and more tonight at Night Trips. You can read an article about the experience probably next week. However, If you want to grab a handful of dollar bills and come out and support me from about 8 - 10, please do. Once again, I have a New Year's Resolution to fulfill.

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