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Aaron Tuttle is apparently suing us…

11:53 AM EST on December 22, 2015


Turn on the tornado sirens and fire up the spray tan machine! Diabolical Facebook weatherman Aaron Tuttle is apparently suing us! We know this thanks to the "state's most trusted news." They broke the story late last night:

Former Oklahoma City TV meteorologist files lawsuit against local satirical website

A former TV meteorologist has filed a lawsuit against the writers of a local satirical website claiming they illegally obtained and posted his Facebook photos to “maliciously embarrass and defame" him.

The pictures, as they are posted by, expose "Aaron Tuttle to public hatred, contempt and ridicule," depriving him of public confidence, and injuring him in his occupation, the lawsuit alleges.

Yep, this appears to be real. Aaron Tuttle has finally found a copyright attorney who specializes in copyright law! Now if he can only find a therapist who specializes in therapy. Then he'll be unstoppable.

Actually, I'm just kidding. The lawsuit is apparently real, but Aaron's attorney is not a copyright attorney. It's this guy. He's the same dude who represented Dr. Harvey Jenkins in his lawsuit against us back in 2010. If you remember correctly, that ended with Dr. Jenkins dropping the lawsuit, sponsoring Ogle Madness and including us as a character in his "Housewives of the 405" comic book ads. Does that mean I should have sent Aaron a TLO Media Kit? I'm not sure how this stuff works.

Here's more:

Aaron Tuttle, 42, filed the lawsuit Friday in Oklahoma County District Court.

Tuttle claims in his lawsuit he has suffered "economic injury" in excess of $10,000 and is seeking damages from writers Matthew Clarkson and Patrick Riley.

From 2001 to 2007, Tuttle worked at KOCO-5 as a meteorologist. Now, Tuttle "develops and provides weather forecasts for the web," the lawsuit states.

The Lost Ogle website has published a number of stories over the years about Tuttle, which often reference his "bodybuilding" appearance.

$10,000?!?! Heh, we better win this thing or we're going to have to organize one hell of a bake sale!

Also, who in the world is Matthew Clarkson? If I find out that Marisa has been using a pseudonym this entire time, I'm going to be more pissed than all those people who canceled plans in preparation for Aaron's apocalyptic weather forecast that Emily Sutton disputed and never actually happened.

And by the way, we've done more than reference Tuttle's "bodybuilding" appearance. For example, who can forget that time we posted that old audio where Aaron screamed and yelled at his KOCO co-workers:

The TLO Legal Defense Team, which is currently led by Sir John Michael, Esq., has recommended that we not talk too much about this situation since it involves pending litigation. Although I have not been served any papers, I'll provide you with the same statement I gave to The Oklahoman:

"As it's been widely reported, The Lost Ogle is a satirical news and information website. Whether it's the governor of Oklahoma or a diabolical Facebook weatherman who enjoys exercise, we're confident in our First Amendment rights to parody, criticize and make jokes about public figures."

Fancy, huh.

Anyway, I planned on taking a break from creating content on the site during the weeks of Christmas and New Year's. Just like you sometimes have to do for a spray tan machine, you have to recharge those obscure local social blogging batteries every now and then. I'm now going to get back to that break. I'll (hopefully) see you in January. Merry Christmas.

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