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Carol Hefner is no longer on Facebook…

carol hefner4

Last week, we introduced you to the offensive, borderline insane, eye roll-inducing Facebook posts of deranged local socialite and Oklahoma Trump campaign co-chair, Carol Hefner.

At the time of our post, we encouraged you to check out Carol's account to see the craziness before she made the page private. Sadly, in what can only be construed as a calculated effort to make us look bad, Carol has deleted her Facebook account entirely! We were wrong again. Many apologies.

Fortunately, Carol still has a Pinterest account under the screen name "Cool Mom 5," because as you know, only the coolest mom's compare Obama to Hitler, think blacks are to blame for slavery, and feel all American Muslims should be sent back to where they came from.

I spent several minutes combing through Carol's Pinterest page, which may or may not be co-sponsored by Pier One, Pottery Barn and affluence, to see what diabolical craziness she pins for her fellow housewives of the 405. This is the most offensive thing I could find:

carol hefner olive garden dressing
carol hefner olive garden dressing 2

Yep, Carol Hefner is very intrigued with ripping off Olive Garden's inexpensive, rich, way-too-sweet salad dressing that, along with the eatery's famous seasoned croutons, you can buy just about anywhere. There's no word yet if Carol has figured out how to make Red Lobster cheddar biscuits. Here's the mix if she needs it.

Anyway, that's the most controversial thing I could find on Carol's Pinterest. I guess that's a good thing. I was expecting to find DIY tips for an anti-Obama She-Shed. Instead it looked like the typical Pinterest page of an affluent housewife who's married to a doctor, lawyer or energy company executive. Check it out before she deletes it.

In the meantime, if you want to see Carol's crazy Facebook postings, you can view the screenshots in our original post. Our story was picked up by Talking Points Memo and Raw Story, but for some reason, probably because it has nothing to do with sexual predators, scams targeting the elderly or weather, our local media has totally ignored it.

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