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Abby Broyles is now single…

abby broyles

Here's some good news if you're a dude who likes blonde television anchors.

We have learned that KFOR's Abby Broyles is single. I guess she and Oklahoma County Assistant DA Jimmy Harmon divorced a few weeks ago. Apparently they split up after Abby discovered Jimmy was left-handed.

Haha! That's funny because Abby is the one who brought us that dumb left-handed pre-school devil kid story!

In all honesty, I'm not 100% sure why the couple split, but let's just say as in most failed relationships, there's a lot of finger-pointing, accusations and rumors being spread around by both sides. I honestly have no clue who or what to believe. And since it doesn't have anything to do with Hipster Boo Boo, I really don't care or want to find out.

Anyway, I guess Jimmy hasn't wasted any time getting back into the dark waters of the dating game. Over the weekend, this photo of him hanging out with a naughty schoolgirl appeared on Facebook:

fb photo

That's cool. The parking lot and purple neon lights look familiar. Anyone know where it is?

It's safe to say Abby wasn't too pleased with the photo, but instead of unfriending the people involved, she commented on it like an overzealous mom who read something out of context and thought a teacher called her kid the devil. That never works out too well. Here's a screenshot of her now deleted Facebook comments:

fb 3

Come on, Abby. That's not cool or smart. You can't do stuff like that. You have to deal with it better. But then again, who I am to judge? I think people coming out of a long-term relationship should get a little bit of leeway when it comes to making bad decisions and acting crazy. Bad breakups can turn the most normal person into Mr. Hyde. It happens.

Plus, we've all been there before. It's late at night, you've had a bit too much whiskey or wine, and then you post something regrettable on your ex's Facebook wall because she left you for a fireman less than one week after you called things off with her watermelon lovin' best friend. Then the following morning you sober up, delete the comments, apologize and move on. It's part of life.

But know what's not always part of life? Some jackass troll getting involved and egging-on the situation! Dude... I know you thought you were doing your buddy a favor by sticking up for him, but you look like a major league jackass. Your first instinct should have been to take down the Facebook post and defuse the situation before it got worse, not egg the woman on and call her a c*nt. That's just wrong. I don't care if she says you're Elton John's boyfriend, the only time it's okay to call a woman a c*nt is when her name is Sally Kern. And even then it's kind of shady.

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