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Even The Oklahoman’s editors don’t read Jenni Carlson columns…

1:13 PM EDT on October 12, 2015

jenni carlson

Every now and then on this site, I describe the phenomenon of being Carlsoned.

It's what happens whenever you see an in interesting sports headline on, click on it, and a few one sentence paragraphs later realize it's a Jenni Carlson piece.

If you're not careful, it can sneak up on you like the Oklahoma wind rolling across the gentle prairie.

It actually just happened to me the other day when I stumbled across this thing.

I was being lazy and not paying attention to the byline or mugshot, and when I got to "Saturday will be No. 60," I was like "Oh, No! I'm being Carlsoned!"

I then scrolled my eyes to the right and saw Jenni's mugshot staring back at me.

She laughed like an OSU fan watching Big Bang Theory, knowing she had got me.

Fortunately, as a disgruntled reader of The Oklahoman, I'm not required to read Jenni's collection of words. I quickly snapped to and frantically hit the back button.

It salvaged my day.

It salvaged my sanity.

Jenni's editor's, on the other hand, don't have that luxury.

They have to read the articles.

They do read the articles.

"It's part of the job. Part of what we do," a source told The Lost Ogle.

Or is it.

As Sherri Coale often says, "The proof is in the pudding."

Check this out:

jenni carlson headline typo

Heh, that's what The Oklahoman gets for hiring our proofreader as a copy editor.

Before we continue, is it okay if I stop with my spot-on Jenni Carlson impersonation? Not to give it up to myself, but if you gave Jenni Carlson some truth serum even she would admit it was right. She'd then write a column about her hero Danica Patrick! Danica is awful! Hey Dusty, what's going to happen first? Will Danica win a race or will Tiger Woods win another...

Crap, now I'm channelling my inner Regular Jim Traber. Sorry.

Anyway, that typo is pretty damn funny. For one, it makes paranoid OSU Cowboy conspiracy theorists even more convinced The Oklahoman has a bias towards OU. Two, it proves the editors at The Oklahoman don't really read Jenni's columns either. I guess they get Carlsoned, too.

Okay, I'm kidding. I'm sure The Oklahoman editors enjoy Jenni's columns. That's why she's still employed. Also, in their defense, The Oklahoman's editors do not usually write their own sports headlines. They outsource stuff like that to Twitter. For example:

oklahoman headline
twitter headlines

"Swoopes There It Is" is an awful headline. I think we can all admit that "Woot There It Is" was a better song.

Thanks for reading!

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