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Joe Exotic is angry…

joe exotic mad

I hope you don't want Joe Exotic's watch... or filing cabinet... or box springs.

Yesterday, our favorite Tiger King posted an angry video on his Facebook page. If you like explosions and not being concerned about our country's gun laws, you'll love it.

Check it out:

I got a little bit angry.

Posted by Joe Schreibvogel on Monday, October 5, 2015

You know what, I don't blame Joe Exotic for getting mad and blowing that shit up. Those bill collectors from Rent-A-Center can get really annoying after a while! You get a couple of weeks behind on your filing cabinet / dresser payment and they won't stop harassing you. You really are better off just blowing everything up.

Actually, I have no clue what that video is about. At first I thought it was another response to PETA, but Joe mentioned in the comments the video was for somebody named Carol. I guess she "wants all his stuff." I don't know who Carol is, or why she would want a mattress that's apparently soaked in tiger urine, but I'm sure she's a very interesting person.

In addition to the clip above, Joe has also posted a series of videos for Donald Trump. I guess Joe's a big fan of the Donald and want's to talk with him:

To Mr. Donald J. Trump, From All Of Us
If the Pope can give 15 minutes to a Bigot in KY. Trump can give me 15 min to speak for 68.5 million voting people

Posted by Joe Schreibvogel on Saturday, October 3, 2015

God, I know this may sound greedy, but if you really do love all of us will you please please please please please have Donald Trump meet with Joe Exotic at the GW Exotic Animal Park? I know you've already brought Trump to the fair, and that should make us happy enough, but this must happen. If anything, do it for the lions. I'm sure they'd love to see another wild creature with lions fur on its head.

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