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Great, now Meg Alexander is mad at us…

I guess we should begin this post with some media news to report.

It looks like Meg Alexander has landed a co-host for the KOKH Channel 25 lifestyles show "Living Oklahoma." It's Hot Girl Friday nominee, Shelby Cashman. Shelby comes to Oklahoma from Vermont, because apparently she enjoys living in only the most boring states our fine country has to offer.

I know nothing about Shelby, but she seems cool. Here are a couple of pics of her and Meg on the set:

Wow. She's gorgeous and intelligent. No wonder she got out of Vermont! Zing!!!

That's fun. Meg and Shelby look like they'll totally get along in a half-aunt kind of way. I look forward to many laughs, many tears and many reminders that I should take up drinking in the morning.

Okay, I'm joking. I only drink in the morning when there's football involved. I also don't want to hurt Meg's feelings. She's kind of sensitive right now. Check out this Facebook post she left early on Saturday morning. I guess some of our recent coverage of her career has rubbed her the wrong way...

meg alexander facebook rant

Yeah, I'm not a slander attorney who specializes in slander law, but I'm pretty sure Meg Alexander just threatened to sue us. Wouldn't that be awesome? It would definitely get us some publicity and make for one hell of a "Based on a True Story" Lifetime movie. We could call it "Revenge of the News Mommy." We'd probably have to add some fictional elements to the story like Meg kidnapping Marisa and holding her hostage in a She-Shed in the Metro Ford showroom, but it would be fun and we'd all get a laugh out of it.

Actually, I doubt Meg would. In her Facebook post, she mentioned "sometimes things just aren't funny - especially when they are 100% untrue." Uhm, what? I totally disagree. Usually the funniest things in life are 100% untrue! For example, check out this stanza from our post about Meg's departure from KFOR:

I just don’t know what to think about this. What are we going to do without the hairstyles, the clothes and the slurry over-enunciation of basic words? Who will Emily Sutton and Scott Hines turn to when they need to cry about things? Who will Linda Cavanaugh send out to fetch her Starbucks? These are important questions that must be answered!

Yeah, that's probably what got Meg all fired up. In case you didn't know, Meg would never bring Linda a cup of coffee. The two haven't been on speaking terms since 2010 when Meg was busted singing a very lurid version of Hosty Duo's "Linda Cavanaugh" song at The Deli. If you want to piss off Linda Cavanaugh, sing that song... to her a face... at a restaurant.

Oops. Sorry. There I go with the "untrue" stuff again. My bad.

Anyway, I guess there's also a chance Meg is just venting about us, and is actually considering suing KFOR or her old boss. That wouldn't surprise me. It's no secret that Meg thinks she was "wrongly, wrongly, wrongly" let go by the station's embattled ex-news director. If she has a case, she should do it. Hopefully it will cheer her up and make her less mad at us. I don't mind having diabolical Facebook weathermen, Governor's daughters or Emily Virgin's nubile sorority sisters mad at us, but Meg Alexander? That's terrifying! As Lance West used to say in the KFOR newsroom, when "News Mommy ain't happy, nobody is happy."

Once again, that's another lie. It's 100% untrue.

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