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It’s time to start caring about your health, dudes!

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We're breaking into today's regularly scheduled blog programming for a very important public service announcement:

It's time to start caring about your health, dudes!

Okay, I know I'm not the best guy in the world to spread this message. I enjoy beer, pizza and an anything that rhymes with carbs. I also have the willpower and discipline of a three-year old, and the metabolism of a sloth. It all makes for an awful combination.

That being said, I do at least try to be healthy. For example, I go the gym and do the fat-guy-on-the-treadmill routine about four or five times a week. I also try to eat lot of vegetables. Sometimes I even substitute vodka sodas for Ogletoberfest. Granted, I only do that when I approach what I call my max weight, which is the number on the scale that makes me panic and frantically use 10 lbs over a couple of weeks only to gain it back over one weekend, but it still counts.

Since I kind of suck at being healthy, I should probably go to these Integris Men's Health Events taking place tomorrow and Saturday. Maybe I could learn a thing or two. Here are the details:

Friday - INTEGRIS Men’s Health Symposium – Interactive Men's Health Workshop

This free, interactive workshop will take place at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center from 8:15 - 4:00. It's open to both the general public and health and clinical professionals. They'll have national speakers on hand discussing a variety of men’s health issues, including how to magically lose weight without working out. Okay, I made that part up but the rest is true. They're also providing a free lunch.

Saturday - INTEGRIS Men’s Health University – FREE Health Screenings

Men are pretty good at some things in life, like flipping channel on the remote, ignoring instructions in owner's manuals, and complaining about fantasy football, but there are some things we struggle with, like for example, going to the doctor.

If you're one of those guys, you should probably head out to this event on Saturday from 9:00am - Noon. INTEGRIS will have free health screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and even stroke assessments. Even if you're young and active and in your 20s, this is something you should do. It could save your life and warn you of any potential health problems.

Anyway, the concludes this week's public service announcement. I'm now going to head to the gym. The max weight is on the horizon, and that treadmill awaits.

Editor's Note: INTEGRIS Men’s Health University is a TLO sponsor. We appreciate their support, and hope you do, too.

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