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Video: Mary Fallin doesn’t know the three branches of government…


It looks like someone forgot to read her Devon Energy talking points...

Yesterday, Governor Fallin traveled up the turnpike to address the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. During a Q&A segment, someone asked her a question regarding the 10 Commandments monument controversy. After rambling for over a minute, she closed with this statement...

"You know there are three branches of our government. You have the Supreme Court, you have the legislative branch and you have the people – the people and their ability to vote."

Seriously, guys, I'm not making this shit up. Check out the video clip via The Tulsa World:

Wow, that's a new low for someone who specializes in new lows. Not only did she make up three new branches of government – The Supreme Court, the people and the people with the ability to vote – but she left out the one branch she represents. She's going to make a great Republican vice presidential candidate some day.

Seriously, that was painful to watch. I almost felt sorry for her. You could tell she had no clue what she was talking about and was totally lost. Halfway through the clip I expected her to start rambling about US Americans and The Iraq and such as. I bet the batteries in the microphone Larry Nichols uses to speak into her ear went out or something.

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