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The State GOP is doing great…

3:51 PM EDT on June 25, 2015

tc ryan

I wonder how they're going to blame this on Obama.

In case you haven't been paying attention, the Oklahoma GOP is dealing with a bit of turmoil in their leadership ranks.

Yesterday, Political Director T.C. Ryan resigned under pressure. Apparently, members of the party were upset that he's been strolling around the Plaza District telling little hipster girls he's the sixth member of the Fleet Foxes. In addition to that, some people didn't want a man who was recently convicted of domestic abuse to serve as the political director of their party.


T.C. Ryan resigned as political director of the state Republican Party on Wednesday after GOP officials, including Gov. Mary Fallin, said domestic abuse charges in his past made him unsuitable for the leadership position.

Randy Brogdon, chairman of the state party, said Fallin’s comments weighed heavily on his decision to accept the resignation.

“He’s a fine young man,” Brogdon said. “I hate that this happened.”

Brogdon said Ryan tried to resign previously.

“He resigned the first day this nonstory broke,” Brogdon said. “I rejected the resignation at that time.”

First question: How exactly do you reject someone's resignation? Isn't Oklahoma an "At-Will" state, meaning you can quit your job (and your job can quit you) at any time without fault or damages? I guess you really do have to sell your soul to work for the GOP.

Second question: How exactly do you reject the resignation of some Jeremiah Johnson wannabe who assaults women and brings disgrace to your party? I know Randy Brogdon's not the smartest guy in the room, but I didn't know he was that stupid.

"Sir, I think it's in the my best interests, and that of the party, to resign my position effective immediately."

"No, no, no, I'm a clueless, forgiving man who doesn't respect women. I will not accept your resignation! Let's draw this thing out and build more controversy."

"Are you sure, sir?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Now let me comb your beard while you sing White Winter Hymnal for me."

Anyway, while all this was going on, Randy Brogdon verbally assaulted his Vice Chair, some cute GOP real estate agent name Estela Hernandez, in a closed-door meeting because she had the nerve to attend a press conference that was critical of him. I guess he's not a fan of freedom and personal choice.

Via the McCarville Report:

Republican State Chairman Randy Brogdon erupted in anger today and attacked his vice chair, Estela Hernandez, after she attended a news conference critical of him.

Sources say Brogdon told her she would not be allowed to speak at Saturday’s State Committee meeting in Tulsa; state party rules, however, do no support such an edict. Hernandez reportedly told Brogdon she was going to speak and he couldn’t stop her.

At one point, Brogdon, a source said, ordered all employees out of the building and began berating Hernandez. His voice apparently could be heard outside the building.

Hernandez, active in several Republican women’s groups, attended the Oklahoma County GOP’s news conference at the Capitol even as Brogdon supporters passed out handbills critical of what they describe as “RINO” legislators. What that had to do with TC Ryan, no one explained.

Call me a crazy liberal, but when you think it's appropriate to pull a Ryan Tate and yell and scream at a female coworker, and also didn't accept the resignation of a person convicted of domestic assault, maybe you should be the one resigning. Let's hope the Republican party accepts it.

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