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Hot Girl Friday: Some Girl Named Whitney from OKC

1:06 PM EDT on June 19, 2015


When we started Hot Girl Friday a little over a year ago, there were three goals in mind:

1. Get easy page views on Friday, a traditionally slow web day...

2. Filter out some of the fun hating, politically correct NPR crowd...

3. Get random hot girls to send us photos....

So far, we've been very successful at our first two goals. We've blown the third like Dean Blevins on a date with Tiger Woods. That's why today I'm featuring some hot girl from OKC named Whitney.

Back in 2008, better known as the TLO golden days, Clark Matthews put down his copy of Back Row, a quarterly publication released by the North American Checkers Association, and came up with the idea for a series called "Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May." The idea was to parody the Sports Animal's "Driver a Day in the Month of May." Tony and I obviously thought it was a good idea so we all got it started.

After about 25 days or so of writing about Oklahoma celebrities, news casters and Van Shea Iven, some Ogle Mole sent us a pic of some girl named Whitney that he worked with at Al A Mode. She was apparently an aspiring Playboy model and wanted to be a Hot Girl a Day in the Month. We happily obliged.

Anyway, I don't know what happened to Whitney, if she's still around town, or ever got a promotion at Al A Mode, but her seven-year old Playboy audition tape and some other vids are still on YouTube. Check them out after the jump. She's our Hot Girl Friday.

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