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Ghengis Grill is trying to rid us of KJ 103 deejays…

9:48 AM EDT on June 12, 2015

brad b

The guy pictured above is Brad B. He's the host of KJ103's slow jams, the most popular radio show in the metro for men in their 40s who enjoy being alone and not having sex.

Brad B. made the news this week when a sly employee at Genghis Grill "accidentally" served him bleach instead of iced tea. There's no word if it was sweetened, or as Marisa would call it, unsweetened. (Marisa's note: Goddammit, Patrick.)

Via News 9:

A well-known Oklahoma City Radio DJ says the Genghis Grill in Moore served him a glass of water tainted with bleach.

Brad Boyington is known as “Brad B” on the evening shift on Slow Jams KJ 103. He said Tuesday night while he was eating, he drank a glass of water that had bleach in it. He said it made him sick. He also spilled some on his shirt, which he showed to News 9, and it does have yellow stains on it.

Boyington said Genghis' staff is trying to figure out how it happened.

“My throat was getting sore, it actually started burning my throat, and kind of down through the esophagus area was burning. And at that point the Genghis Grill staff just informed me to drink lots of water. It tasted like bleach.”

Genghis Grill management is working with his attorney to cover his ER visit, and any lingering medical bills.

Boyington said he still loves the place, but wants them to figure out how something like how bleach got in his water glass.

I don't really know enough about Brad B., KJ-103 or Ghengis Grill to have an opinion on all this. You see, I'm in my 30s, like good music, and don't hang out in nail salons or car wash waiting rooms, therefore I haven't listened to KJ 103 since the late 90s when I went through a local radio phase after my 5 Disc CD changer was stolen from the trunk of my car when I lived at an apartment complex at 122nd and Penn.

Also, I've never been to Ghengis Grill, which is weird considering I have a weight problem and like me some Mongolian BBQ. Isn't that the concept? You put what you want in a bowl and the some dude cooks it on the round grill thing while you silently watch and wonder if you're supposed to tip him? Maybe I should go there for lunch to find out. I'll just be sure not to drink the water.

I guess my only question is what's a Top 40 radio deejay doing running to local TV news to help get his story out? Doesn't he have his own platform to talk about this and scare Genghis Grill into a bigger settlement. Actually, he's probably been telling the 14-year-old kids who listen to KJ about this story for weeks. Like they really care. They were too busy snapchatting to even notice.

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