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We need to hire this weatherman from Lawton…

austin bowling

The guy pictured above is Austin Bowling. He's a weatherman for KSWO in Lawton. He also owns one of those mini-helicopters you pull with a string.

We know all this thanks to this blooper caught by a Mole from the Lawton area. You need to watch it.

Yeah, thumbs up, dude. Thumbs fucking up.

That really is amazing. And no, I'm not talking about the blooper or the Mole's commentary. I'm talking about a TV channel from Lawton having their own helicopter. How do they afford that, and more importantly, how many times have the artillery canons at Fort Sill nearly shot it down?

Also, do you think other weatherman in OKC act weird and stuff before they go on air? If so, I bet David Payne screams into pillows, Mike Morgan does card tricks and Damon Lane practices his Kegels.

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